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No Text ImageNow is your chance to take an 8-lesson online animation production course with the king of independent animation, Bill Plympton! The live class took place from January to March, 2017 (

We have videotaped and edited each lesson and created this online course. Many students have graduated from this course and made their own short films and now, you can, too!

The course is divided into the following 8 lessons:

1. Concept development
2. Storyboard & Design
3. Layout & Raising Money
4. Animation (Traditional Animation)
5. Animation (Traditional Animation)
6. Compositing and Editing (Photoshop, After Effects)
7. Color Design (Photoshop)
8. Selling the Film

When you purchase the class, you will receive private links to download your lessons. You can email Bill your work-in-progress as you follow along the class and get personal feedback and critique from Bill every step of the way.

By the end of the class, you will have created your own short film, ready for the world!

The lessons are priced at $150 each, or $1000 (17% off!) for the entire course!

Product Options
18-Lesson Bundle$1,000.000.00 lbs99
2Lesson 1$150.000.00 lbs96
3Lesson 2$150.000.00 lbs100
4Lesson 3$150.000.00 lbs100
5Lesson 4$150.000.00 lbs100
6Lesson 5$150.000.00 lbs100
7Lesson 6$150.000.00 lbs100
8Lesson 7$150.000.00 lbs100
9Lesson 8$150.000.00 lbs100
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